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  • Addna Emannuel - Saturday, October 13, 2012

    Bee Hummingbird

    Yocha News- Birds are vertebrates (vertebrate) that reproduce by laying eggs. Almost all of her hairy, and body temperature between 38o - 45o Celsius. In this world there are thousands of different types (species) of birds in all shapes, sizes and colors. However, this time I will not explain about the birds, but the following, I will describe the7 World's Smallest Bird.

    7. Goldfinch

    Length: 10-11 cm
    Weight: app. 9.5 g
    The most widely known among American goldfinches are goldfinch, european goldfinch, Lawrence and Lesser. Lesser Goldfinch is the smallest among the goldfinches. wing span is about 21-25 cm. - 7 World's Smallest Bird

    6. Brown Gerygone

    Length: 9-11 cm
    Weight: 5-6 g
    This bird is also known as brown warbler. Gerygone mean birth song. These birds are found in the Southeast Asia region. - 7 World's Smallest Bird

    5. Goldcrest

    Length: 8-9 cm
    Weight: 5-7 g
    It is the smallest of European birds. Although small, these birds can travel non-stop more than 500 km.Burung is also called pilot woodcock. - 7 World's Smallest Bird

    4. Golden Headed Cisticole

    Length: 10 cm
    Weight: 10 g
    Also known as a tailor bird because of its ability to 'stitch' leaves saatmempersiapkan leaves the nest. - 7 World's Smallest Bird

    3. Pardolates

    Length: 9-11 cm
    Weight: 8-11 g
    It is a beautiful little bird. because the leopard-spotted Program contained in the crown and wings, paradolate leopard is also known as the 'diamond bird'. Eucalyptus tree is a favorite place for nesting. - 7 World's Smallest Bird

    2. Weebill

    Length: 8-9 cm
    Weight: 6 g
    Weebill often viewed as the smallest of the birds of Australia. This bird is moving fast and very energetic. They spend most of their time in trees looking for insects. - 7 World's Smallest Bird

    1. Bee Hummingbird

    Length: 5.5 cm
    Weight: 1.6 to 1.8 g
    It is the world's smallest bird. which is about 5.5cm in length and weigh about 1.6 to 1.8g. But the greatest of Giant Hummingbird Hummingbird is measuring 23 cm and weighing 18-20g. males slightly smaller than females. The eggs of this bird are also the smallest bird eggs of all birds that are even smaller than coffee beans. - 7 World's Smallest Bird


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